About The Potomac Foundation

The Potomac Foundation is an independent non-partisan nonprofit research organization dedicated to improving the quality of public discourse and national policy formulation.

During its first quarter century, the Potomac Foundation made major efforts in the areas of Post-Cold War Defense Economics, National Industrial Competitiveness and China’s Military Rise.

For three decades it assisted the nations of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union to become integrated with the West through preparation and entry into NATO, organized over one thousand training sessions for leaders from those countries, as well as hosted more than a dozen congressional visits to the region.

It was endowed in 1988 by the three founders of the BDM Corporation — Drs. Bernie Dunn, Dan McDonald and Joseph Braddock — to continue the tradition of public service.The Potomac Foundation continues to be financed through an endowment, contributions and foundation grants.

In its work, the Potomac Foundation engages key decision-makers from the U.S. Congress, officials from the Department of Defense and other Executive Branch agencies, and representatives from allied foreign governments.

The Potomac Foundation experts design and conduct strategic exercises and simulations for government and private clients; host closed and public workshops, conferences and meetings; publish reports and policy briefs; testify before congressional committees; and offer analyses and commentary to news media outlets within the United States and globally.

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Our Team

The Potomac Foundation team combines government, military and private industry expertise in areas of strategy and policy, intelligence, nuclear physics, medical technology, education and war-gaming.

At the Potomac Foundation, we dedicate a significant portion of our focus and resources to training the next generation of national security scholars and practitioners.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Potomac Foundation, or are interested in receiving an internship or a fellowship with the Potomac Foundation, please visit the Join Our Team Page for additional information.


Dr. Phillip Karber | President

Mr. Wilder Cross | Vice President of Operations

Major General Donald Alston (Retired) | Senior Fellow
Dr. Jacek Bartosiak | Senior Fellow
Dr. Jānis Bērziņš | Senior Fellow
Dr. Reiner Huber | Senior Fellow
Dr. Thomas Stern | Senior Fellow

Dr. Edmund Bitinas | Senior Fellow

Mr. Mark Voyger | Senior Fellow
Mr. Barry Watts | Senior Fellow

Dr. Larry Wortzel | Senior Fellow
Dr. Fred Wikner | Senior Fellow
Mr. Oleksandr Danylyuk | Senior Fellow
Mr. Denys Gurak | Senior Fellow

Mr. W. Bruce Weinrod | Senior Fellow

Mr. Mike Simmons | Senior Fellow

Mr. Harold LeBlanc | Senior Fellow

Mr. Pete Jones | Senior Fellow

Brigadier General Peter Jones, Retired  |Research Fellow

Mr. George Getsos Research Fellow | Research Fellow
Mr. Joven “Vini” Maranan | Research Analyst

Mr. Maksym Cohen | Research Fellow